The loudest purr, the stingiest state, and more wild numbers

A sought-after scotch, a loud cat, Wikipedia’s most prolific editor, and more.

A collage of images on a blue and orange background: a tip jar, an orange cat, a glass of whiskey, and a laptop displaying Wikipedia.

54.59 decibels: The loudest purr by a living domestic cat on record, courtesy of Bella, a 14-year-old tabby from Huntingdon, UK. Bella’s owner said she purrs all the time, occasionally so loudly it’s hard to hear the TV.

$1.4m: The estimated auction price of a bottle of 96-year-old Macallan single malt. According to Sotheby’s, this particular spirit — The Macallan 1926 — is the world’s “most sought-after Scotch whisky.” Only 40 bottles were made; 12, including this one, feature labels designed by Italian painter Valerio Adami.

5.7m edits: Made by Steven Pruitt, Wikipedia’s most prolific editor. Chartr looked at the numbers behind the site’s ~6.7m English language articles. In the last month, ~122.5k users out of the site’s hundreds of millions have made edits, 881 of whom are admins. Because volunteer editors routinely check articles for accuracy, some media experts claim Wikipedia may be one of the most reliable sources of info around.

17.94%: The average tip percentage in the US, per a study from USA Today and OnePoll. Californians tip the highest at 22.69% of the bill, while Illinois tippers come in last at 14.22%. The news comes amid talk of “tip fatigue,” with inflation, added fees, and an expectation to tip across myriad services contributing to a decline in tips overall.

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