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The Ultimate Guide to Supporting WFH Employees

Everything your company needs to support your remote employees and keep them feeling -- and working -- at their best.

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Folks, it’s August September (time flies when you’ve been working from your bed for the past 6 months). Remote work is no longer a fresh novelty — it’s the core of our day-to-day lives. 

Yet, many companies out there are still struggling to make the transition. 

What gives?

Maybe it’s a lack of awareness. Or resources. Or because Comcast just won’t. Fix. The damn. Router. 

Whatever it is, we know one thing: If your company wants to not just survive, but thrive, you need to put as much effort into supporting your employees as you do your bottom line. That’s why we’ve worked with Fully to create this guide to building an amazing WFH experience. Go ahead, dig in.

Physical Needs

A great home office experience starts with a great home office (after all, no one ever did their best work with their laptop propped up on three shoeboxes). 

Here are some key pieces every employee will need create their perfect productivity palace:






Everything Else

Mental Support

Lack of job security, reduced socialization, and — in many cases — screaming kids stuck at home. Employee mental health issues are reaching a fever pitch, which means it’s more important than ever for companies to address it instead of sweeping it under the rug. 

Here are ways you can help your employees directly and help them help themselves to stay happy and healthy at home.

Company Rules


Mental Acuity

Physical Fitness 

Family Support

Tech Solutions

Okay, your employees have the perfect home office and are feeling supported and ready to kick their KPI’s asses? Nice. But what happens when they sit down and realize their software was built for an office, not an apartment? Exactly. 

It may seem minor, but don’t skimp on tech solutions — there’s plenty out there, and they can be the difference between being crazy efficient and just plain going crazy. Here’s what we suggest: 

Meeting Software

Communication Software

Productivity Software


Keyboards & Mouses


Everything Else

The wrap up: Give your employees the best support possible, and you’ll get exponentially more back. Short-change them on furniture, software, and support, on the other hand, and you’re gonna have a bad time. 

We worked hard with Fully to give your company everything you need to nail remote work. Now all that’s left for you is to build your WFH Perks Plan.

Get started right here by setting up a WFH Furniture Program through Fully →

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