EMAILED ON June 13, 2018 BY Sidd Finch

Tonight’s party delivered in 30 minutes

It’s common sense really: When the party runs dry, don’t reach for the keys.

Reach for your phone and place a Saucey order.

In two shakes of a tumbler, you’ll be fist bumping a Saucey courier at your door and cracking a frosty adult beverage with the mates.

The “Beer Run” has evolved

Forget about squeezing a stressful liquor store stop in on your Friday night commute. Plan the party and enjoy more of your evening with a boozy delivery from Saucey.

Get 30-minute delivery in SF, LA, San Diego, Sacramento, Oakland, and Chicago. And if you don’t live in those areas? No stress — Saucey ships.

And because Saucey knows those delivery fees and order minimums are worse than a virgin margarita with the in-laws, Saucey did away with them.

No minimums, no delivery fees — if you live in a 30-minute delivery city, the price you see is what you pay.

Like free booze? Saucey is is giving you $15 towards your first delivery — AKA a free 6-pack of beer or a bottle of wine. Just use this link, download the app, and use code THEHUSTLE to order tonight.