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EMAILED ON December 19, 2018 BY Wes Schlagenhauf

Gooooooal: Danish athletic recruiting startup, Tonsser, just scored $6.2m in funding

Somewhere out there, the next Messi or Ronaldo is carving up his or her shin-guarded inferiors in the flats without breaking a sweat — and soon, that next scissor-kicking legend could be discovered by an app.

Tonsser, the Copenhagen-based soccer performance app that describes itself as “LinkedIn for young soccer players,” just scored $6.2m in Series A funding from a group led by early-stage investors.

Football is soccer; soccer is football

The “football performance app,” which has over 800k registered players and boasts data from over 4.6m soccer games throughout Europe, works as a social network for young players to build their online presence, flaunt their skills, track stats, and connect with teammates.

It’s also a primo tool for recruiters across Europe.

According to Business Insider, the details of its business are still a WIP, but the company already has partnerships with Nike and other sports powerhouses.  

Is this the future of recruiting?

In a world where sports and social media are two of the biggest cultural phenoms on the planet, it seems like a move in the right direction.

In February, Overtime, an app aimed at hyping local high school sports stars as they cross over to college and eventually the pros, raised $9.5m. And last year, the social media platform “Sports Thread” became a go-to tool for colleges recruiting young talent.

While none of these apps have fully hit the mainstream, this new business model could be the beautiful header that changes sports recruiting as we know it.

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