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EMAILED ON May 7, 2019 BY Wes Schlagenhauf

No scrubs? Nursing hiring startup raises $20m

Trusted Health, an online hiring platform for nurses, raised $20m to improve its existing tools and increase the number and type of positions available on its platform.  

The market for nurses is under the weather

The US is in the midst of a new nursing shortage: The country will need 203k new registered nurses every year through 2026 to replace retiring nurses and fill new positions. 

States like Florida, Georgia, Texas, and California — where growing populations are aging — will see some of the highest demand, Moody’s reports.

But rural hospitals have trouble attracting job candidates because there are fewer specialization or advancement opportunities for nurses. 

Matching nurses according to their interests 

Enter: Trusted Health. The company, which is headed by two Hired.com veterans, matches nurses with temporary, staff, and travel positions, based on users’ priorities like salary or location. 

Trusted hopes to help nurses — who, like many other healthcare workers, are often burned out and depressed — access new opportunities without sacrificing precious benefits or job security.

In the 2 years since Trusted Health launched, about 1k new nurses have joined the company’s platform weekly. In its first quarter, users viewed 246k nursing jobs on the platform.

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