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EMAILED ON September 11, 2017 BY THE HUSTLE

Uber’s still in its own personal Hell

The Wall Street Journal has reported Uber is under yet another federal investigation — this time, as to whether they used their tech to illegally interfere with Lyft.

The company hasn’t publicly addressed the matter, but according to people familiar with the case, the FBI and US attorney’s office in New York are looking into a program Uber used in 2014 and 2016 to track Lyft drivers incognito.

The internal (or eternal?) name of that program? “Hell.”

Hey Uber, if you’re gonna do sketchy stuff…

Maybe name it a little less conspicuously.

The app allowed Uber to create fake Lyft customer accounts to see where Lyft drivers were throughout the city, what the company was charging for rides, and which drivers worked for both companies simultaneously.

One of the key points in the case is whether “Hell” involved “unauthorized access to a computer.”

At this point, Uber’s an easy scapegoat

They’re also under investigation for their “Greyball” software, which allowed drivers to evade police officers in areas where ridesharing was banned (on top of their HR and executive drama).

Buuut it does make one wonder how many companies fly under the radar with similar programs to gather intel on competitors.