We've Grown From 2 People to 7

Two months ago we were two dudes working out of a free office space trying to build a massive media company. Now we're two dudes and four women. Watch us grow!

This post, like our previous company update, will only appeal to all you startup nerds out there, but since that’s a large percentage of our readers, I thought you’d appreciate an update.

Three months ago, my co-founder John and I were working out of a free office space while trying to raise money to start a media company.

While we still pretty much have no idea what we’re doing, things seem to be working and we’re now a team of 7.

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce the new and bigger Hustle team.

Note: Everyone on the team is too busy working to give me their bio, so I’m writing this on their behalf. Most of all of it is true, I think…

Kera Zacuto

Kera runs our conference, Hustle Con. We haven’t announced the details yet, but this year’s conference will be 4x as big as the last Hustle Con (2,500+ people). Thankfully, Kera is one of the toughest and most smart ass people you’ll ever meet – so she can handle it.

Zara Stone

Zara hails from London, England and has written for Fusion, The Atlantic, Ozy, and many others. She’s the only person on the team with digital media experience and because of that spends most of her time bossing people around and keeping us in line.

Breena Kerr

Breena used to work for the Palo Alto East newspaper where she cranked out 5 stories a day. We decided to give her a writing gig after she emailed me 7 times even though I kept forgetting to respond.

Jackie Mooney

Jackie runs contests, partnerships, and PR. She’s one of our interns from Miami University. She’s the real life version of April Ludgate, which isn’t even kind of an exaggeration.If you ever get the chance to meet her you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Kate Murphy

Kate is another intern from Miami University. She runs social media and customer discovery, which means she spends her time figuring out exactly why you’re reading this page right now. If you get an email from her asking to to take a survey, please, please, please take it.

And finally, there is John and I. We’re the two founders of this here website. I handle most things business and some content stuff while John takes care of anything design or web related.

Ladies and gents, here we are…The Hustle team.

And don’t forget to enter your email below if you wanna join our journey and watch us plow through the media industry like a tornado.

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