EMAILED ON April 13, 2018 BY Wes Schlagenhauf

White Castle moves into the future with Impossible Foods’ meatless burger

After 97 years selling beef, the cult flavorite fast food chain has added Impossible Foods’ plant-based Impossible Burgers to its menu.

Most notably, as a substitute to put on their world famous sliders — a product Time magazine once called “the most influential burger of all time” — in 140 of its 340 locations.

They finally found their new *ssssssssssss*

In 2014, Forbes wrote a piece about White Castle “searching for new sizzle,” and assuming that all goes well with the new wheat, coconut oil, and potato-based product, this could be the ticket.

In sticking to the same frozen-patty delight that has attracted fans for nearly 100 years, the 4th-generation family-owned burger royalty has, like most fast food chains, endured the pitfalls of nostalgia, long ignoring the shift in what people now wish to shove into their mouth-holes — quality over quantity.

Following trend

Over the last few years, fast food chains have gone through a reckoning of epic proportions and, amidst a newfound devotion to healthier menu options, White Castle’s move to attract a new generation of customers is nothing unique.

That said, they are attacking it from a different angle. According to Quartz, the deal with Impossible Foods makes White Castle the first American “quick-serve” restaurant to serve the plant-based patty, and if all goes well, the chain says it will expand the offering to all of their locations.