Who Gives A Crap

Considering the amount of time you spend on the ‘ol porcelain stool, you may as well have a laugh. Who Gives A Crap is TP with attitude. Oh, and it’s good for the environment, so you're free to wipe away.

November 30, 2017

the story

The folks behind Who Gives A Crap are firm believers that “everybody poops.” They make all of their products with environment (and poop chute) friendly materials, and they even donate 50% of profits to help build toilets for those in need. That’s the kind of company intiatives we admire.

Not to mention, they make TP that’s not only good for you bum but also, the world.

why we like it

There are three things you should take care of in this world; family, friends, and your rear-end. In 2017, you are constantly making decisions on which products to buy based on health, price, and environmental impact, but you probably snag that 18 pack of toilet paper without even thinking twice.

Why not switch to a product that doesn’t dent your wallet and allows you that extra sense of satisfaction on every wipe?

Who Gives A Crap even deliver the rolls directly to your door… so no more jumbo packs of TP taking up valuable beer and bacon space in your grocery cart.

Plus, who doesn’t want to give their friend or significant other fancy toilet paper and then have the pleasure of watching them open it. Trust us, the look, it’s priceless.

the competition

We take it you’ve used the restroom enough to be pretty familiar with Who Gives A Crap’s biggest competitors. Outside of prison one-ply, most TP feels about the same. So, the main consideration is price. Let’s break it down:

Who Gives A Crap’s 48 pack cost per 100 sheets is approximately 22 cents. We did the math on a comparable 48 pack of Cottonelle and, surprise, it actually came out to 23.6 cents per 100 sheets — a whole 1.6 cents difference.

Sure, that’s means absolutely nothing and there are probably some better sales out there at your local grocery store, but overall Who Gives A Crap TP is decently priced, well-branded, and can be delivered directly to your door. We can roll with that.

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