Two Starbucks frappuccinos; a woman and a man enjoying wine during a date; a “Squid Game” character in a pink jumpsuit and a triangle-emblazoned mask; a spiderweb; and two ghosts on a black-and-white swirl background.

383.2B+: Possible latte variations Starbucks can make. Drink customizations add $1B+ in revenue annually — but workers loathe them and customers hate the wait times. Consequently, Starbucks invests billions toward finding ways to churn them out faster, including switching to smaller, easier-to-scoop ice cubes.

456:Competitors in Netflix’s upcoming “Squid Game: The Challenge” reality show. Maybe it’s a little weird for Netflix to turn its highest-viewed show — a South Korean drama about desperate people risking their lives for money — into a real competition to win $4.65m, but the question is… Will people watch?

$12.2B: How much Americans are expected to spend on Halloween this year, including an estimated $700m on pet costumes, per the National Retail Federation. With BarbieMario, and Spiderman among this year’s top costume influences, we can’t wait to see your French bulldog’s take on “Patriarchy Ken.”

$499: The monthly price of Tinder’s new subscription tier, Tinder Select. Perks include “VIP” search, matching, and more for “highly engaged” users. If that sounds expensive, Tinder parent Match Group Inc. also offers a $1k/week plan for The League, the invite-only dating app for ambitious professionals that it acquired for ~$30m in 2022.

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