You’re cordially invited to… get a divorce?

Businesses catering to divorce celebrations aren’t splitting up.

divorce party invitation

Yes, you flew all the way to Nashville to celebrate a bachelorette dubbed Lindsay’s Last Rodeo a mere five years ago.

But a new invite just dropped for a Single and Ready To Flamingle party because, well… she’s getting a divorce.

Divorce parties are all the rage right now, per The Wall Street Journal. More American adults than ever consider divorce to be morally acceptable, and they’re ready to pop bottles in support:

  • Etsy, Walmart, and Amazon are slinging divorce-themed decorations and party favors
  • Pinterest searches for “divorce-party games” rose 80% in June 2022 compared to the year prior, and searches for “divorce cakes” jumped 50%
  • The hashtag #divorceparty currently has 93.6m views on TikTok

A divorce party is the evil twin of the bachelorette, with hosts gathering their friends together for trips complete with hotel stays, dinner and dancing, and themed outfits.

Untying the knot

As more look to say “I don’t” in style, businesses are emerging to offer services well beyond parties.

Stripe Street Studio specializes in interior design for divorced men, Fresh Starts offers gift registries to help divorcees restock their homes, and Onward is an app for managing money with a co-parent after divorce.

There are even startups disrupting divorce itself, like Hello Divorce, a platform aiming to make the splitting-up process more accessible and affordable.

As for the breakup bashes, think long and hard before donning your “end of an error” sash: Research suggests divorce could be contagious.

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