Your ultimate guide to 2020
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Your ultimate guide to 2020

This edition of The Hustle was brought to you by Goldman Sachs… Tackling the gender investing gap.

2019 was one for the books, folks. From CBD dog treats to Amazon drone fleets, a lot has changed in not a lot of time. 

Today, we’re looking back at: 

  • The average Joes who became scooters’ worst nightmare
  • The renegade restaurateur who gave Yelp a scare
  • How investment-grade sneakers ended up everywhere

And looking forward to:

  • The continued rise of gender neutral athleisure-wear
  • Enough dad jokes to make you pull out your hair

So stay curious, because things are only gonna get weirder in 2020 — and we’ll see you right back here next year.

A look back at the biggest news of 2019

In 2019, the world obsessed over which Fyre Festival documentary was better, how that coffee cup ended up on the set of “Game of Thrones,” and whether it matters that Baby Yoda isn’t the real Yoda.

But on top of all the fun and games, there was a lot of big news. 

Here are some of the biggest business and tech stories that defined this past year — and will shape the next one:

  • Facebook’s co-founder (and others) called for its breakup. The company’s co-founder (and Zuckerberg’s college buddy) Chris Hughes called for stricter regulation of Facebook — which he sees as anti-competitive — in an alarming opinion piece.
  • The IPO boom was… anticlimactic. Despite huge expectations, many companies that hit the public markets in 2019 — Slack, Uber, Lyft, and Pinterest — declined sharply after their debuts.
  • The streaming wars got serious. After months of hype, Disney+ finally launched in November — and signed up more than 10m subscribers. Now, Netflix, Amazon, NBC, HBO, and Apple are all promoting their streaming offerings going in to the coming year.
  • WeWork didn’t really “work.” After filing for an IPO with an expected valuation of about $47B, WeWork’s value plummeted to less than $5B, which prompted the cancellation of its IPO and a takeover by its main investor, SoftBank.
  • People drooled over food delivery. With 50%+ of restaurant spending expected to be “off premise” in 2020, the growth of food delivery giants exploded in 2019. DoorDash led the way with 33.8% market share and 113% year-over-year growth.
  • Boeing had a bad year. After the crashes of 2 of its jets resulted in 346 deaths, Boeing spent most of 2019 doing damage control. With less than 2 weeks left in the year, the company fired its CEO.
  • People started paying more attention to privacy problems. After VICE and the NYT revealed cell phones allow both bounty hunters and Amazon to monitor consumers, most Americans (62%) now believe it’s impossible to get through the day without being digitally tracked.
  • Tech employees (and others) got a little ornery. Contract workers at Google, warehouse workers at Amazon, and others protested unfair working conditions in 2019. Meanwhile, employees at Google, Microsoft, and Palantir demanded that their employers terminate contracts with ICE and Customs and Border Control.
  • The world got its first $2T company. After Apple did the unimaginable and became the 1st trillion dollar company in 2018, several others (Amazon, Microsoft) hit the mark — and at the end of 2019 oil giant Saudi Aramco hit the $2T mark on its 2nd day of trading.
  • After trade war tumult, the economy… did really well. Despite a roller coaster of trade turbulence related to an ongoing tariff tiff between the US and China, America’s economy reached its longest expansion in history in the 3rd quarter of the year — and seems poised to continue climbing.
» Dat new news

Your favorite stories of 2019

In 2019, The Hustle sent out 1k+ news briefs in our Daily newsletter, 52 original stories in our Sunday edition, and 70+ Trends reports. 

Here were the ones that y’all liked most:

Best of our 2019 Daily coverage

Best of our 2019 Sunday stories

Best of our 2019 Trends stories

» Your favorite stories of 2019
The Hustle says…

Happy NYE! It’s been a helluva year… see you on the other side.

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What we’re looking forward to in 2020

We’re going to resist the urge to make a 20/20 vision joke here and get right to it: 

The Trends that will impact 2020

Consider this your Ultimate 2020 Trends List.

  • Gender neutral clothing and related products: According to Pinterest, in 2019 searches for gender neutral haircuts were up 625% and searches for gender neutral kids’ clothes were up 119%. 
  • American bath culture: Who knew the rubber duckie would make a comeback? But in our divisive times Americans are trying to get submerged in bath water. On Facebook, conversations about bath-adjacent ingredients, like sea salt and chill-out music, were on the rise.
  • Acne solutions: Skin care addiction was the most popular beauty-related community on Reddit last year. Within skin care topics, cystic acne and acne ranked in the top 5.      

What our team is looking forward to in 2020

Life goals, events, and more!: 

  • Shaan Chagan, senior account executive: #BIEBER2020
  • Mark Dent, senior writer: Solo Hayley Williams music! 
  • Bobby Durben, copywriter: Making so many bad dad jokes about living in the ’20s.
  • Sasha Goldenson, software engineer: Learning more in discovery passion projects. 
  • Matt Igara, sales and partnerships executive: Traveling to weddings on my side of the family and my wife’s side of the family. 
  • Kaylee Jenzen, email ops specialist: Being a quarter-century old and going on my first solo vacay.
  • Adam Ryan, president: The election. 
» What we’re looking forward to in 2020.
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