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🥩 Does Texas have too much BBQ?

Plus: Catch up on our YouTube best, Shrek’s Airbnb, how to do a magic trick, and more.View Online Very cool: Two new publications detail the first-ever direct detection of neutrinos in a particle collider experiment. The historic observation of the subatomic particles, nicknamed “ghost particles” for their elusiveness, means… something. We’ll have to brush up on our astrophysics and get…

🐹 Blow-drys for hamsters? OK, sure

Plus: The economics of dollar stores, a trendy Panera menu, the world’s oldest post office, and more.View Online Go-kart maker Blue Shock Race set a world record for speed when its electric go-kart hit 101.3 mph. These are not toys… is something you could yell back at the horde of middle school birthday party goers on the go-kart track who…

🗣 Lost in AI translation

Plus: The quest to end virtual cycling cheating, more Taylor economics, nine biz ideas, and more.View Online Bob Ross completed 1.1k+ paintings over the 31-season run of “The Joy of Painting,” but one from the very first episode depicting a stone path, a pond, and some trees is getting outsized attention right now. It’s on the market — listed at…

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