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📺 Tinky Winky is loaded

Plus: Our latest videos, a very expensive diamond, a bounty of April Fools’ jokes, a short game, and more.View Online Rare sighting of the week: a job opening on our team. Are you both an analyst and a writer? Entrepreneurial and editorial? Can you whip up copy and pull a rabbit out of a hat? Then we want to hear…

🚴 Walmart’s new commute

Plus: Big ships make big money, a new shape, “scary hour,” an informative game, and more.View Online An Australian woman survived two bites from a blue-ringed octopus — one of Earth’s most venomous creatures, with toxins 1k+ times more powerful than cyanide. So at least your morning didn’t have that going on? In today’s email: Baseball’s back in business: It’s…

📦 Amazon’s “frequently returned” items

Plus: What old sitcoms say about US housing, AI guessing games, a cookie yacht, and more.View Online The touring Museum of Failure has landed in Brooklyn. Its collection of questionable products includes Google Glass, a Colgate lasagna, several terrible Oreo flavors, and Bic’s “for her” pens. In today’s email: Flying colors: A new paint could transform air travel — and…

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