This week’s weirdest ways to spend money

Here are this week’s weirdest ways to spend money.

Stock market treat you well last year? Maybe it’s time to invest some of those hard-earned dollars in something different.

This week’s weirdest ways to spend money

Here are a few of the most creative ways to spend money that we came across this week:

  • 9 ½ foot remote-controlled bald eagle, $499.95. Are you looking for another way to show the world you’re a red-blooded American patriot? Well, let us tell you: The eagle has landed. And by eagle, we’re talking about this peerless propeller-powered remote-controlled bald eagle, of course.
  • “Most realistic” racing simulator, $185k. If you’re the kind of 36-year-old who’s constantly frustrated by how little time you spend at video game arcades, this ultra-realistic car racing simulator is exactly what you need — even if costs only slightly less than an actual race car. 
  • Formula 1 Speaker dock, $8.5k. Speaking of race cars, this Formula 1 speaker dock — which is made out of a retired 8-cylinder F1 racecar engine of your choosing and crafted in Modena, Italy — is an absolute must-have.

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