The lab-grown meats are coming

We’re not that far off from printing steaks for dinner.

“Honey, I was thinking of printing some steaks for dinner.”

The lab-grown meats are coming

We’re not that far away from that phrase being used colloquially.

A lot’s happening with lab-grown meat at the moment, and, interestingly, significant innovation in the space is coming from the Holy Land.

Last year, Jerusalem-based Future Meat, which lab-grows chicken, lamb, and beef products, raised $347m; Aleph Farms raised $105m; and Redefine Meat raised $29m.

Even the meat eaters are interested: Tyson Foods, one of America’s largest meat producers, participated in Future Meat’s funding.

Is the meat affordable?

Not yet, but it’s getting there. Back in 2013, lab-grown burgers cost $330k per patty.

Today, Future Meat can make 1 lb. of chicken for $7.70, down from $18 last year. And Singapore-based Shiok Meats hopes to launch lab-grown shrimp at $37/kg. next year, down from $7.4k in 2019.

As to how the meat looks, while the image of steak being printed from tubes labeled “fat,” “blood,” and “muscle” is not especially appetizing, consider this: Is a chopped-up cow much better?

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