Can connected clothes make people more productive workers?

A number of different companies have created connected clothes for professionals.

Entrepreneurs seem to think so.

Can connected clothes make people more productive workers?

As the Wall Street Journal reports, a number of companies — ranging from specialized startups to massive tech giants — have launched connected clothing options for professionals in the past few years. 

Noteworthy examples include:

Some employees are skeptical

In some cases, connected clothes have caused more problems than they’ve solved…

  • In 2018, Delta Airlines issued its employees new, high-tech uniforms designed to resist wrinkles, water stains, and static. But then 500 Delta employees developed sicknesses. Now, they’ve filed a class action lawsuit against the company that made the clothes.

Connected clothes makers must stitch wisely

Since connected clothes can provide benefits to employers, demand for them seems unlikely to unravel. 

But for connected clothes companies to succeed, they’ll need to make sure that they provide real benefits to workers — without giving them gnarly red rashes.

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