What happened at CES this year?

A pee scanner, printable vitamins, flying cars, and dual-screen laptops. What will they think of next?

All kinds of companies flock to CES annually to announce forthcoming products. Let’s take a quick look at some of this year’s announcements, shall we?

What happened at CES this year?

Neutrogena and supplement company Nourished have partnered on a line of customized gummies for skin health. They’re 3D-printed after scanning customers’ faces.

Withings’ U-Scan is a device that attaches to your toilet and analyzes your pee to offer daily health info. (It’s sparking privacy concerns.)

Delta Air Lines will offer its SkyMiles members free WiFi on most domestic flights.

John Deere announced an electric excavator and ExactShot, which could save farmers 60%+ more starter fertilizer.

Sony and Honda announced their mysterious EV prototype, Afeela, due in 2026. Sony Honda Mobility CEO Yasuhide Mizuno said Sony’s experience with AI, VR, and AR would play a role, per The Verge. Hmm!

Amazon opened its Ring Car Cam for preorder starting at ~$200. It records as you drive, but also if it senses a break-in and if told to. Meanwhile, Garmin debuted an always-on dash cam for ~$400, plus a ~$10/mo. subscription.

Gluxkind announced Ella, a $3.3k self-driving stroller. This sounds mildly terrifying, but Ella only moves autonomously if a child isn’t inside. It can also play lullabies.

Brelyon’s Brelyon Fusion prototype is a wrap-around display that offers VR-style immersion sans headset. TechCrunch reports a marketable model is 3-4 years off, but we could totally see this at the gaming cafes of the future.

Lenovo’s Yoga Book 9i is a dual-screen laptop with a stand, keyboard, and stylus. Not gonna lie — this looks very handy.

Acer is leveling up the standing desk with its $999 eKinect BD 3 bike desk. Not only does it keep you moving, but you can also pedal to generate energy for your devices.

BMW’s “i Vision Dee” concept car is an EV sedan that changes color thanks to exterior panels. For something even more futuristic, check out the Aska A5, a four-seat electric flying car (eVTOL) that could be available for ride-sharing in 2026. Personal preorders are — gulp — $789k.

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