New business data on the state of kids’ TV

Viewership’s down, revenue’s up.

Long gone are the days of Disney Channel saying something along the lines of “new episode at 8/7 central” like we understood what that meant as seven-year-olds.

New business data on the state of kids’ TV

With today’s kids born into a world of streaming, YouTube, and TikTok, primetime viewership of kids’ TV has fallen 76% since 2017, per Variety.

Interestingly, despite the declines, almost every kids’ network has seen affiliate revenues — the share of cable bills that goes back to networks —  grow by double-digits, totaling $3.1B last year.

  • Since 2017, affiliate revenues for Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney Channel have grown 19%, 31%, and 19%, respectively.

Disney Channel, for instance, brought in $1.1B in affiliate revenue last year. Though linear TV is increasingly outdated, expect media companies to ride this positive impact to their bottom lines as long as possible.

BTW: The best innovation in kids’ cable TV this decade, by far, is the NFL on Nickelodeon. It’s incredible.

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