Is Brady Brand the next Jordan Brand?

Tom Brady follows in MJ’s footsteps by launching his own apparel line.

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Is Brady Brand the next Jordan Brand?

Tom Brady may be the winning-est athlete since Michael Jordan, and today, he’s taking a big step toward matching MJ’s off-court legacy.

Brady Brand is the quarterback’s new apparel line, which officially launched today, and is available exclusively through its website and Nordstrom, per 2pm.

What is Brady Brand?

The launch collection includes 145 items across athleisure and office casual styles. The brand also plans to use a monthly drop schedule for new releases.

But there are some major differences from Jordan Brand:

  • Brady’s goods aren’t meant to be worn on the field — at least, not yet
  • Unlike Jordan Brand, which is an offshoot of Nike, Brady Brand isn’t tied to a major sports apparel maker

Under Armour, one of Brady’s biggest sponsors, struggled with its own entry into the athleisure world back in 2016, and passed on the Brady opportunity after bowing out of the fashion world.

As a result, Brady Brand was launched in collaboration with Jens Grede, who co-founded Kim Kardashian’s shapewear line, Skims.

This isn’t Brady’s first side hustle

In 2013, Brady and his trainer Alex Guerrero launched TB12 Sports Therapy Center, and TB12 has since expanded into a sprawling wellness brand that includes supplements, apparel, and physical therapy.

Brady already has one fan in his corner — his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who says he “likes clothes more than I do” and “has great taste.”

Want to be the judge of that yourself? Browse the collection here.

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