Exclusivity just got an experiential makeover

Prada is hosting private, pop-up clubs to cater to its growing private member groups -- a sign that experience-based events and pop-ups could be the future of high fashion.

Prada is hosting private, pop-up clubs — a series called “Prada Mode” — to cater to its VIP superfans, The New York Times reports.

Exclusivity just got an experiential makeover

Prada is the latest luxury brand to invest in exclusive events — a sign that pop-ups could be the future of high fashion. 

So, what does a Prada pop-up look like?

It’s fabulous, obviously. But, more specifically, it offers hand-picked invitees exclusive:

  • Location-specific art
  • Live musical performances by famous composers and artists 
  • Award-winning food from critically acclaimed restaurants
  • Exclusive panel discussions with artists and academics

If you were wondering — there is NOT a way to pay for entry to these events, you must be invited (if you have to ask, you’re probably not in the Facebook group… ).

And Prada’s not the only luxury brand investing in primo pop-ups

Once, fancy furs were the trendiest, most conspicuous status symbols. 

But now, once-in-a-lifetime Instagram opportunities are arguably trendier, certainly more conspicuous, and therefore more valuable.

And brands have noticed:

  • Ralph Lauren has a private club calle Palazzo Ralph Lauren that features private chefs and exclusive clothing collections.
  • Alfred Dunhill, the British luxury label, has a private club called Alfred’s in the back of its flagship store (which just happens to be a mansion).
  • Giorgio Armani’s founder (yep — Giorgio himself) also runs a private club in Milan and sometimes hosts pop-ups elsewhere.
  • Chanel has a private club called the Coco Club that pops up from time to time for exclusive events for its golden-card carriers.

Not all of these events are invite-only, but they are definitely all bougie — and you can bet your bottom follower they’re all Instagrammable.

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