These are your favorite (and least favorite) Super Bowl ads of all time

Terry Tate and the Clydesdales would probably play a killer halftime show.

Reebok’s Terry Tate, Office Linebacker, should ride triumphantly into the NFL Hall of Fame atop a Budweiser Clydesdale.

These are your favorite (and least favorite) Super Bowl ads of all time

That would make for a legendary Super Bowl ad. It would also combine two of your favorite characters.

On Monday, we asked you to pick your favorite — and least-favorite — Super Bowl spots of all time.

Terry Tate and the Clydesdales (they’d play a killer halftime show) were the clear standouts. Many of you said you’d take any Clydesdale ad — but the 2011 spot, which marked 10 years since the 9/11 attacks, got special attention.

Now for the cringeworthy ones

We’ve got bad news, GoDaddy — Hustle readers think your ads are . 

Same goes for Mountain Dew’s head-scratching “Puppy Monkey Baby” commercial from 2016, which plugged a concoction of Dew, juice, and caffeine.

Reader Shannon R. put it best: “I wish they Mountain Didn’t.”

Don’t change that channel

This weekend, our Conor Grant will rewind the Super Bowl game clock to the year startups took over — 2000, when the dot-com bubble was about to burst. 

What happened to all the fledgling companies that poured money into Super Bowl ads that year? Stay tuned to find out. The story will hit your inbox on Sunday morning.

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