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Why vape clouds are still in the forecast, even after today’s pod ban

Teens did what teens do -- they found a few loopholes.

February 5, 2020

The government’s ban on vape pods that taste like dessert went into effect today. But the teens did what teens do — they found a few loopholes. 

First: Here’s what the ban actually does

It snuffs out the pre-filled pods that made Juul famous — the fruity, sweet, and minty kind. Juul has already stopped selling flavors like mango and cucumber. But for other brands, the ban could hurt worse than a cigarette burn:

If you missed that sweet deal on Melon Time or Citra Zing, you’re not totally out of luck.

That’s because of the loopholes

Here’s what the ban doesn’t do:

As The New York Times reported, the disposables are filling the Juul-pod shaped holes in teenage hearts. A brand called Puff Bars peddles flavors like Pink Lemonade, Blue Razz, and, um, OMG. That’s one reason why some public-health advocates think this ban is really just smoke.

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