This week’s weirdest ways to spend money

Practice your Best Picture speech with some Oscars-themed selections.

The bigwigs behind the Oscars spend $44m on their annual red-carpet bash. The show is the toughest ticket in Tinseltown, and it’s almost impossible to get in unless you know a nominee. Thankfully, you can still act like a winner with a few of this week’s weird ways to spend money:

This week’s weirdest ways to spend money
  • Oscars publicity campaign, $5m to $8m. Deep-pocketed filmmakers with red-carpet ambitions: This is how much an Oscars propaganda campaign will cost ya.
  • 2001 Oscars ticket stub, $450. To make your impression of Russell Crowe in “Gladiator” all the more lifelike.
  • Vintage Oscars parking pass, $85. It turns out parking was a rip-off back in 1981, too.
  • 7-foot tall cardboard cutout of a statuette, $41.59. For when you want to pretend that you’re the real prize.
  • Officially licensed Oscars webcam cover, $5. In case you don’t want to star in an internet stranger’s indie film.

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