Looking for love? AI might be able to help

A new survey shows there's a serious appetite for AI-powered dating apps, and virtual partners may not be as far away as we think.

In the movie Her, Joaquin Phoenix plays a heartbroken writer who falls for his virtual assistant.

Looking for love? AI might be able to help

While an AI-powered partner may feel a tad futuristic, the technology may play a critical role in the future of love very soon.

Tidio, a customer service platform, surveyed ~1.2k people and uncovered a treasure-trove of data about how they see AI fitting into their love lives.

The verdict?

People want AI’s help. Around 63% of single respondents said they would use an AI-powered dating app to find a partner.

Some of the most popular use cases for the technology include:

  • In-app chat: 56% would like AI to offer recommendations for in-app messaging (e.g., replies, new topics, general direction of conversation)
  • Profile improvement: 69% would let AI analyze their profile and offer recommendations to make it more attractive

But people don’t trust AI with everything

Some of the areas where most people draw the line include:

  • DNA sharing: Only 13% would share their DNA to help find the perfect partner
  • Breakups: Only 7% would end a relationship if AI recommended it

But the promise of a perfect partner carries serious weight.

While most respondents originally said they wouldn’t share personal information, 70% said they would change their mind if it meant finding the perfect match.

And virtual partners…

… may not be as far off as they seem. Though 52% of respondents would prefer a real-life partner, interest in the virtual variety are gaining steam:

  • 31% believe a perfect virtual partner sounds great
  • 16% want both a virtual and real-life partner

The takeaway? Soon enough, watching Her might not feel so futuristic.

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