goPuff: The US delivery titan eyes the UK

In the business of speed 30-minute delivery, GoPuff is in talks to finalize an acquisition of UK-based Fancy.

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goPuff: The US delivery titan eyes the UK

You’ve heard of the space race… but have you heard of the 30-minute delivery race?

In the US, one of the top contenders is goPuff — a vertically integrated company that delivers items typically found in convenience stores in 30 minutes or less. Items include over-the-counter medicine, baby food, and alcohol.

To date, goPuff has raised $1.35B and is valued at nearly $4B. Now, its sights are expanding to the UK with a potential acquisition of the UK’s Fancy Delivery.

Delivery race, you say?

SoftBank-backed goPuff is a heavyweight in the delivery space. Delivering to some 500 cities, its end-to-end supply chain includes a fleet of in-house trucks, micro-fulfillment centers, and product suppliers.

GoPuff is eyeing international contenders as it expands beyond the US, including:

In contrast to goPuff, Fancy is a young grasshopper: It launched in late 2020 after graduating from Silicon Valley’s Y Combinator and currently operates in 4 cities in the UK.

The acquisition at hand

According to TechCrunch, the deal will be announced within the next few weeks. Fancy would likely be acquired in an all-stock deal.

Previously, goPuff has shown its appetite for expansion, recently acquiring behemoth alcohol retailer BevMo for $350m.
Gotta imagine that the response to any company trying to enter the space is: goPuff yourself…

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