Roblox keeps on building

More than half of the company’s users are now over 13 years old.

Do people actually want to spend real money in a digital world that looks like it’s built of Lego blocks?

Roblox keeps on building

Increasingly, the answer appears to be yes.

Earlier this week, Roblox stock jumped on a strong Q4 earnings report. Metrics include:

  • Roblox’s bookings — a leading indicator for gaming companies’ future revenue — increased 17% YoY to $899.4m.
  • Average daily users reached 58.8m, up 19% YoY.
  • In 2022, users spent 49.3B hours on Roblox — 5.5m+ years of cumulative time.

The platform appears to be successfully aging up, too, which analysts consider critical for growing profits. Last quarter, ~55% of all Roblox users were over the age 13, up from ~40% in Q4 2019.

Roblox is now focused on expanding its economy of user-generated goods. Last quarter, the average monthly number of people buying virtual goods on Roblox reached an all-time high of 13.4m, at an average spend of $22.31 per user.

Food for thought: Last year, Roblox said that 58% of Gen Z now thinks a career as a digital fashion designer is just as or more impressive than a real-life one.

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