Disney wants your life to be a fairy tale

Storyliving, the company’s new residential real estate play, will give residents the chance to experience Disney magic year-round.

Ever wish you lived in a Disney story? Well, now you might actually be able to.

Disney wants your life to be a fairy tale

Per The Wall Street Journal, Disney is developing a master-planned residential community concept called Storyliving, designed by the company’s famous Imagineers.

The 1st Storyliving community…

… is called Cotino, and located in California’s Coachella Valley. Its 1.9k housing units include estates, single-family homes, and condos — plus a section for residents that are 55+.

All residents get an exclusive membership that includes:

  • Access to a private beach on the community’s 24-acre lagoon, including a waterfront clubhouse
  • Recreational activities and other year-round Disney programming

Though Cotino is the only Storyliving concept in the works, Disney says other locations are being scouted.

This isn’t Disney’s 1st foray into residential real estate

The company’s previous efforts include:

  • Golden Oak: A 980-acre gated community located within Disney’s resort property where the company sells luxury homes
  • Celebration: A 5k-acre community developed as an idealistic small town outside Orlando that the company is no longer affiliated with

What makes Storyliving different is that the company plans to incorporate storytelling into the resident experience. Does that mean Daisy Duck will be hosting community happy hours? Specifics remain vague.

The announcement also coincides with turbulent times in the residential real estate market. The median home price reached record levels in 2021, and Zillow expects prices to jump another 20%+ this spring.

So who’s moving to Cotino?

If you’re skeptical of the market for Storyliving, you must not know any “Disney Adults” — AKA the 18+ crowd that maintains a lifelong obsession with all things Disney.

While it’s easy to poke fun, the group’s buying power is no joke. The starter price for a home in Golden Oak was $1.7m.

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