Hulu, Netflix, Nissan? Subscription cars are hitting the road

Nissan is letting drivers change cars as often as they change socks.

This week Nissan said it’s pulling into an emerging lane in the auto industry — the car-subscription business.

Hulu, Netflix, Nissan? Subscription cars are hitting the road

For a monthly fee, Nissan Switch will let drivers change out their rides as often as they change their socks (hopefully you’re changing those once a day). 

That option stands out in oncoming traffic

Nissan is hardly the first carmaker to get into the subscription biz, but the “once a day” wrinkle is unique.

Subscriptions give drivers more flexibility than old-school routes to a new set of wheels (a purchase or a lease). The monthly fees typically cover costs like maintenance and roadside assistance.

What kind of wheels are we talking about? Practically everything in the parking lot — the startup Fair deals in used cars, while Access (by BMW) and the Porsche Passport stock swankier rides.

Here’s why you should look before you merge

Some companies place limits on what you can do with your ride. One example: If you roll with pets, they might have to go in a carrier.

And the price tag isn’t cheap. Nissan Switch is coming to Houston first. Drivers there will pay a $495 activation fee, and then $699 a month (or more, for premium wheels).

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