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Richard Branson is betting big on… party boats?

Richard Branson launched a new cruise line that caters to the party crowd, featuring on-ship tattoo parlors, yoga studios, and -- perhaps the biggest luxury of all -- no kids allowed.

February 24, 2020

Last week, British billionaire Richard Branson introduced the world to his newest business venture: the booze cruise (adults only, of course).

It’s called ‘Virgin Voyages’…

And the fleet’s flagship (yep, an actual flag-SHIP) is a swanky sea-liner named Scarlet Lady.

The first of a planned lineup of at least 3 cruise ships to roll out in the next 3 years, the Scarlet Lady features 1.4k cabins, including 78 ultra-luxury “RockStar Suites” and 15 “Mega RockStar Suites.”

Prices range from $1.6k for the cheapest 3-4 day tours to $19k for the full “Mega RockStar” experience.

Scarlet Lady’s 20+ eating and drinking options do not include that old cruise classic, the buffet (because, you know… buffets are LAME when you’re a rockstar!).

For an even better idea of the boat’s signature style: Scarlet Lady may not have a buffet, but it DOES have a tattoo parlor named Squid Ink… and a vinyl records store (no, we’re not joking).

But the biggest luxury of all is… NO KIDS ON BOARD

Branson’s new, buoyant baby caters to booze-cruisers instead of stroller-users in an effort to attract younger travelers who might not otherwise have considered cruising.

Branson’s business ventures are flying high: The value of Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson’s space company, has increased 200% since its IPO last October.

Despite his galactic ambitions, Branson seems no less focused on the seven seas. A recent Tweet from Virgin Voyages shows the Bran Man himself posing in “the most grammable spot on board Scarlet Lady.”

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