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Digits: Freezers, Pokémon, and more news numbers

Written by Jacob Cohen | Feb 27, 2023 9:59:41 AM

1) Unilever, the parent of ice cream giants like Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum, owns most of the 3m freezer chests in stores around the world that keep its ice cream at zero degrees Fahrenheit. The chests make up ~10% of the company’s carbon footprint; now its testing product performance at 10 degrees, which would reduce emission by 20%-30%.

2) Blake Martinez went from being a linebacker for the New York Giants to launching a company called Blake’s Breaks, primarily a Pokémon card reselling business, that’s brought in $5m+ in revenue in the last seven months.

3) In the last year, $200m+ in cryptocurrency has been raised for pro-Ukraine causes, with $80m+ distributed directly to the Ukrainian government. In total, the value of crypto fundraised for Ukraine is 44x greater than that of Russia.

4) Over the last decade, the French ski resort industry has spent $42m-$69m every year on artificial snowmaking. Around the world, 95% of ski resorts rely on man-made pow to improve conditions or to prolong the season.

5) Globally, ~69.2k semiconductor patents were filed in 2022, up 59% from five years ago. The industry is forecast to be worth $1T by 2030, up from $590B in 2021.