Digits: Bible apps, ‘The Crown’ thieves, and AI racers

Plus: Longer movies cost more (who knew), and Americans are moving less.

1) The KJV Bible app is quite popular right now, having been downloaded 5m times in January on Android. Interestingly, it appears to be owned by a Hong Kong gaming company. Also interesting: The YouVersion Bible app, which started out of an Oklahoma megachurch, has ~500m downloads.

Digits: Bible apps, ‘The Crown’ thieves, and AI racers

2) Here’s some royal tea: At least 200 items from the set of The Crown’s 5th season — worth some $200k — were stolen from their storage vehicles recently. Among the items were a replica 1897 Fabergé egg, gold candelabras, and a 10-piece silver table set.

3) Despite all the talk of remote work and digital nomads, Americans are actually moving around less than ever. A study found that Americans looking to move are 45% less likely to do so than Americans were in the 1970s.

4) Here’s a pretty logical equation: the longer the movie, the higher the production costs. For films with a lot of visual effects, an additional 30 minutes of screen time could spike costs by 25%. And films do seem to be getting longer.

5) Sony’s AI unit engineered a program that beat one of the globe’s top Gran Turismo Sport players. How did they train it? By having it train on ~1k PlayStation 4 consoles, of course. It took ~4 hours to be as good as your average Joe, and a couple days to beat Takuma Miyazono, a top racer.

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