By the numbers: Metaverse taxes, a McFlurry mess, and more.

Plus: “Lupin” was robbed, ironically, and auditors may need auditors.

1) Being overworked is a problem, but being underworked is, too. It’s partly why hourly workers at fast food restaurants are now quitting after just 1.8 months on average, 55% faster than before the pandemic.

By the numbers: Metaverse taxes, a McFlurry mess, and more.

2) The set of “Lupin,” a hit Netflix show about gentleman thief Assane Diop, was (ironically) robbed of ~$330k in equipment during a heist involving fireworks. The set of “The Crown” was robbed of $200k in props just a day earlier.

3) McFlurry fury: Kytch is suing McDonald’s for $900m after McDonald’s reportedly told franchisees to stop using Kytch’s troubleshooting device for McFlurry machines. (FYI: You can check the live stats on broken McFlurry machines across America here.)

4) “Second Life,” a metaverse game that (underratedly) launched in 2003 and generates $600m in annual economic activity, says users will have to pay sales tax on purchases thanks to a 2018 Supreme Court ruling. Guess you can’t escape taxes in the metaverse, huh?

5) In February, PwC Canada was reportedly fined $900k+ by regulators after they found 1.1k+ auditors at the Big Four accounting firm were involved in exam cheating practices. Sometimes even the auditors need auditors, eh?

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