Apparently workers are lying to their bosses about using ChatGPT

But that may soon change.

Even as recently as last year, using powerful AI models at work was not on our “Things you’re hiding from your boss” bingo card, but here we are.

Apparently workers are lying to their bosses about using ChatGPT

A recent survey of 11k+ people on Fishbowl, a social network for professionals, found 43% of workers have now used tools like ChatGPT on the job.

The kicker? The survey also found ~70% of them are doing so without their boss knowing.

The rules are being rewritten (by humans… we think)

Some Wall Street firms including Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, and Wells Fargo have banned the use of AI chatbots, per Bloomberg. But only 3% of HR leaders surveyed by Gartner say they’ve instituted such bans.

Many companies are embracing the tools. Gartner’s survey found 48% of HR leaders are working to finalize AI-usage policies, while 34% don’t plan to issue any guidance.

At Microsoft, the company’s new AI tools are being tested with eight Fortune 500 firms.

One known in a sea of unknowns

Soon enough it’ll become increasingly difficult to not use tools like ChatGPT in some way, shape, or form at work.

  • OpenAI has made serious progress getting its technology into the office. Last week, it (quite literally) became a central part of the Office suite.

Bottom line: Early adopters are (secretly) already putting AI to work for them, and it appears much of corporate America is preparing to catch up.

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