The EV delivery market is charging up

Auto giants, hot startups, and local governments alike are planning all-electric van fleets.

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The EV delivery market is charging up

In just a few short months, 2021 has witnessed a push for electric vans that shows no signs of running low on power.

Between the pandemic’s ecommerce boom and broader efforts to reduce carbon emissions, the EV delivery market is getting hot.

Nearly all major players are putting the pedal to the metal:

  • Amazon is buying 100k Rivian-built vans
  • FedEx recently promised an all-electric fleet by 2040
  • UPS ordered 10k EVs from UK-based startup Arrival
  • DHL says EVs now make up at least 1/5 of its fleet

Ford is investing $100m in a Missouri plant as it preps to mass produce its E-Transit van, and the US Postal Service has plans to electrify 10% of its fleet.

By 2030, consulting firm Guidehouse Insights forecasts 190k electric delivery vans will be built each year globally.

But delivery trucks aren’t the only ones electrifying:

  • Guidehouse also estimates 600k electric utility trucks will be built annually by 2030.
  • New York-based energy giant Con Edison has announced plans to electrify its fleet of electric bucket trucks.
  • Montgomery, Alabama’s public school system approved a contract for a massive fleet of electric school busses.
  • Last year, Los Angeles announced it would electrify its entire fleet of garbage trucks by 2035.

Bottom line: Teslas may have held the stage for the last couple years, but EV trucks and vans are riding into the spotlight.

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