A tutoring service gives away its tech to campus centers closed by the pandemic

Our small business of the week, Knack, is letting campuses try out its platform for free, and user engagement is on the rise.

The Knack team (left to right): Shawn Doyle, David Stoker, Samyr Qureshi, and Dennis Hansen

A tutoring service gives away its tech to campus centers closed by the pandemic

We asked readers to tell us about how their businesses are coping with the coronavirus. We’re featuring highlights of those conversations here.

The coronavirus pandemic hit just as Knack was getting into a groove. 

The founders of the peer-to-peer tutoring service were recently awarded Forbes “30 Under 30” honors. Their company was on a roll picking up users and campus partnerships.

But unlike other businesses, Knack wasn’t forced into an overnight hackathon to create a video chatting feature. They already had one. 

They’re using it to deliver value to their current clients and college students — and to give institutions affected by the pandemic a chance to try their product.

Knack’s coronavirus initiative gives any university or tutoring center the ability to move their tutoring service online while their in-person centers are closed. 

Knack is also providing a financial lifeline for its top-performing students — they can become paid tutors in a contract role. 

More students than ever are using the platform. Samyr Qureshi, one of the co-founders, told us that user engagement recently grew by 50%.

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