Digits: Sunken lambos, taxes, bad dates, and more

Plus: WhatsApp voice messages, and iPhones stacked to the moon.

1) Remember The Felicity Ace, that big boat carrying a bunch of fancy cars that sank a little while ago? Well, now we know exactly which cars were on board, among them 21 Lamborghinis, 25 Bentleys, 150 Audis, and a single Kia Soul — the subject of the greatest car commercial in history.

Digits: Sunken lambos, taxes, bad dates, and more

2) By law, most Americans making less than $73k a year should be able to file taxes for free, but, in 2019, only 2.4% of those eligible did so. In context, that means 14m+ people ended up paying tax software companies ~$1B they didn’t have to. The FTC is now working to remedy this problem. How kind.

3) A new Pew report found 63% of single Americans find it harder to date today than pre-pandemic. The odd part is that 3% of respondents said dating today is easier. To the 3%, who are you, and what do you know?

4) WhatsApp now says users send 7B voice messages daily. For reference, as of 2020, WhatsApp users were sending ~100B text messages daily. Now the team is rolling out new features, like Out of Chat Playback and Waveform Visualization.

5) If you stacked every iPhone ever sold — approximately 2.8B phones — from end to end, you’ll find yourself with a stack of iPhones 243.1k miles long, further away than the moon. Thankfully, if you ever need to come back, stacking every iPad ever sold will get you ⅓ the way there.

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