Ethereum’s co-founder snags $65m to help modernize financial infrastructure

ConsenSys works on 2 Ethereum-based blockchains you may have heard of: NFTs and DeFi.

Blockchain studio ConsenSys closed a $65m round of funding this week. While the funding is sizable, the investors are the real prize.

Ethereum’s co-founder snags $65m to help modernize financial infrastructure

Leading the round are banking heavyweights UBS and JPMorgan Chase. The latter previously sold its enterprise blockchain tech Quorum to ConsenSys in a deal last August — now, they own a lil’ bit of ConsenSys. AKA the full-circle back scratch is complete.

Not to be outshined by its banking big bros…

… Mastercard is getting in on the action, too

MC ponied up cash in the funding round and inked a partnership deal with ConsenSys to develop enterprise blockchain applications.

The funding and partnership announcement comes on the heels of a general legitimization of blockchain technology among investment circles — *cough* Coinbase IPO *cough*.

The wrinkle is ConsenSys dabbles in Ethereum

AKA ETH, the No. 2 cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin.

Founded by Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin, ConsenSys’ work has centered around 2 Ethereum-based blockchain technologies: NFTs and DeFi, or decentralized finance.

Notably, ConsenSys is the team behind MetaMask, a popular browser extension for interacting with NFTs and Ethereum wallets. If you were dropping dimes on CryptoPunks last month, you probably used it.

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