The Silicon Valley set wants an invite to the Clubhouse

It’s the new favored app of the VC set.

Photo via Chatparty / Product Hunt

The Silicon Valley set wants an invite to the Clubhouse

If there’s one thing we really miss about our old social lives, it’s that warm feeling you get when you awkwardly elbow your way into a conversation at a party.

Flashback: At a social gathering with better-dressed people

Me: Sooo… if you were a kind of vegetable, what veggie would you be?

Them: …

Me: :::awkwardly slinks back to the cheese plate:::

Fun, right?

Thanks to a new social networking app that’s making the rounds on VC Twitter, you can recreate that fuzzy sensation/hot spike of shame. You’ll just need an invitation.

Clubhouse is the new Club Quarantine

TechCrunch reported that Clubhouse, a new social networking app, “blew up” among Silicon Valley types this weekend.

It’s basically an audio-only version of Houseparty, where you can drop into random conversations with others. 

TechCrunch says the social dynamics look a lot like an actual house party: “High-energy rooms attract crowds while slower ones see participants slip out to join other chat circles.”

But this Clubhouse has a velvet rope

Right now, Clubhouse has no public app (it’s invite only). It doesn’t even have a website yet (no, it’s not — don’t be like the cunning investors who got their Zooms mixed up).

If Clubhouse’s bouncer turns you away at the door, try going down the street to the Chatparty. That’s a different version of a less-good Houseparty: video chat without audio.

Chatparty just launched on Product Hunt, and one commenter already found his preferred silent hang: “My favorite room thus far is ‘Taking a dump, but never pointing the camera down.’”

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