A Thin Mints bailout? Girl Scouts nab coronavirus relief funds

Big-name businesses caught heat for getting coronavirus relief funds. This troop won’t make you lose your cookies.

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A Thin Mints bailout? Girl Scouts nab coronavirus relief funds

Of all the entrepreneurial types who scored government cash to keep their businesses afloat, hopefully this troop won’t make you lose your cookies.

Through a local bank, the Girl Scouts of Alaska received a Paycheck Protection Program loan. The group will use the money to support 20 full-time employees, as well as camps and scholarships for 3.5k girls, the Anchorage Daily News reported.

Stockpiling is for TP and Tagalongs

Leslie Ridle, head of the Alaska Girl Scouts, said the cookie biz was brisk before the pandemic shut down local sales in public places like store lobbies.

“It was frenzied shopping, and people were hoarding cookies like they were toilet paper,” she said.

Now the council is sitting on a whopping ~144k unsold boxes of cookies.

It’s a Samoaphile’s dream — and a parent’s nightmare

“I’m hearing from lots of families: ‘When am I getting these out of my living rooms?’” Ridle told the Daily News.

If you really need a Thin Mint right now (or a whole sleeve, not that we know anyone who eats them that fast… ), you’re in luck. You can still get your cookie fix online.

But it may not help the troop on the Last Frontier: Online sales are shipped to Alaska from the Lower 48, doing nothing for the Trefoils piled up in parents’ houses.

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