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3 eggcellent cash flow opportunities

Egg prices are way up. Here’s how you can cash in.

The cost of scrambled eggs recently popped 300% in one week. What the cluck?

There’s nothing funny about food prices spiking to all-time highs. The average American eats 245 eggs a year, and price bumps can add a considerable amount to grocery bills for families that are already cash-strapped.

But whenever I see this kind of phenomenon, I ask, “What are the 2nd and 3rd-order effects?” So, egg prices spiked. Now what?

One of the best ways to combat inflation is by taking the means of production into our own hands. (For example, raising your own chickens, which, for ~$381, can set you up with endless eggs for years to come.)

Here are 3 ways entrepreneurs can play the chicken vs. egg game:

The lesson is to always strive for the information advantage and act.

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