Plexiglass could shine in a reopening economy

You’re going to start seeing it everywhere.

Photo via DGS Retail

Plexiglass could shine in a reopening economy

When’s the last time you spent more than 2 seconds thinking about plexiglass?

Unless you’re a hockey player who’s missing a few Chiclets, or you used to enjoy getting a little too close to the salad bar (eww), we’re gonna guess never.

But the government freeze on our movements is starting to thaw, and that means the normally lukewarm plexiglass market is reaching a melting point.

It could shatter expectations in a post-pandemic world

Marker says the rationale for plexiglass’s sudden rise is clear, even though traditional buyers like the auto and construction industries are still frozen. 

The humble plastic is graduating from sneeze guard, to… well, everything guard.

  • One plexiglass retailer says business is up 200% from last year.
  • A UK manufacturer increased acrylic sheet production by 300% from February to March.

You’ll probably see it dividing booths at restaurants and shielding salon workers from clients. Macy’s plans for reopening its stores include plexiglass barriers installed at registers.

Office cubicle dividers may even protect you from your coworkers when you return to the office (though it probably won’t save you from having to look at them).

The good news: It could be easier to get closer to family

A managing partner at a California provider of senior living told Marker he created a plexiglass box that separates visitors from residents. He calls it “120 square feet of plexiglass safety.”

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