The fashion world is officially endorsing your home catwalks

Designers are taking runway shows straight to the kitchen.

Now’s the time to put the finishing touches on your mid-kitchen sashay.

The fashion world is officially endorsing your home catwalks

The 1st at-home runway show of the fashion cycle — hosted by a former Vogue Paris editor — has slunk onto the scene.

On YouTube, models catwalked across their living rooms, showing off bodysuits and chain-link dresses to (presumably) a bunch of normies watching in day-old sweatpants.

The show was a success, with one tiny downside: People were paying much closer attention to insides of the supermodels’ houses — the marble kitchens and oversized closets — than the actual clothes.

As PopSugar headlined its review of the show, “Can We PLEASE Address the Beautiful Homes These Supermodels Live In?”

COVID-19 is causing a high-fashion frockus 

Fashion shows in Shanghai and Moscow had already livestreamed events from official venues, just without live audiences, but the Fashion Unites event was the first to be broadcast from home.

Fashion designers are calling this brave new world “phygital” — yes, that’s a combination of “physical” and “digital” — and they’re predicting many more at-home runways in our future. This June, you can parachute into London Fashion Week through its online platform.

But phygital fashion isn’t the only game in town. To show off their new kicks, other designers are trying out VR fashion shows or taking to Animal Crossing.

Now serving looks from home

Normally, the first Monday of May is set aside for Rihanna worship — it’s the Met Gala.

But with the biggest night in high fashion canceled this year, even plebs suddenly whipped out their fashion cards.

Non-celebrities everywhere re-created famous Met Gala outfits using bedsheets and dried spaghetti. Teens across High-Fashion Twitter posted their own original Gala outfits on #HFMetGala2020.

They upstaged the official Met Gala event of the night: Anna Wintour’s YouTube retrospective, featuring a performance by Florence + the Machine.

But let’s be realistic: Judging by the size of those supermodels’ houses, if any of us wants to steal the runway this season, we’re going to need much bigger kitchens.

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