Meet MILLIONS: the platform helping combat athletes monetize their audiences

MILLIONS is an ecommerce and fan engagement platform for combat athletes. Its team includes the legendary announcer Bruce Buffer.

Earnings in combat sports is a power-law game.

Meet MILLIONS: the platform helping combat athletes monetize their audiences

Top stars like Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor make millions. Conversely, the average MMA fighter earns ~$68k per year, while the average boxer pulls in ~$35k.

Enter MILLIONS: an ecommerce and fan engagement platform…

… that provides a new stream of revenue for combat sport athletes.

MILLIONS’ co-founder Matt Whitteker tells The Hustle that the platform — released earlier this year — has already seen success.

Sonny “The Bronco” Conto, a 25-year-old heavyweight prospect, spun up a shirt for sale on MILLIONS the day after one of his early knockouts.

“He sold thousands of dollars of shirts,” Whitteker said. “We had created this new value stream for Sonny to monetize his audience and capitalize on big moments in his career.”

The platform is more than just a merch store.

Users can also do video AMAs with their favorite stars, or watch live sporting events with famous athletes and sports personalities (a la Joe Rogan’s “Fight Companion”).

Only a few months old, MILLIONS has already signed up 100 athletes, with another 200 in the pipeline.

And they’re bringing some heavy hitters.

The company will announce later today (that’s right, you heard it here first) that one of its co-founders is the legendary sports announcer and “Voice of MMA” Bruce Buffer.

Bruce “It’s Time” Buffer has been announcing for the UFC for 25 of the organization’s 28-year history and is reportedly the only person who — at $50k-$100k a pop — earns more per fight than Joe Rogan.

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