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The next stage of quarantine boredom is the redecorating phase

We’re all amateur interior designers now.

May 12, 2020

First we hoarded toilet paper. Then we baked sourdough and whipped up dalgona coffee. Next we gave each other some terrible haircuts.

Now we’re ascending one notch on the DEFCON boredom scale: We’ve entered the home-improvement era.

Live from your house, it’s HGTV

Vox has a name for our socially isolated form of interior design: “pandecorating.”

Those fortunate enough to be working from home are channeling their boredom into DIY carpentry, painting, and perfecting their domestic feng shui.

That means foot traffic and sales at hardware stores are trending up — but you don’t have to leave your house to indulge your inner interior decorator.

The online home goods retailer Wayfair is known for selling practically anything under the sun (like office furniture, hot tubs, a kitchen mat in the shape of a $100 bill, and… “Real Life Chicken Wall Decal.”)

Wayfair shares skyrocketed recently after reports of booming sales. Either we really need a good office chair, or we really need chicken decals.

So… why are we all amateur decorators now?

Here’s one theory: You can only sit inside one space for so long before frustration — and the urge to pick up a paintbrush or a hammer — sets in.

If you’re feeling the itch yourself, be warned: Experts say you should leave anything electrical to the pros. You might try that suddenly popular peel-and-stick wallpaper instead.

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