It turns out running an ‘Amazon for Animal Crossing’ is very hard

Peer purchasing pressure is definitely a thing. Communal online shopping could be a boon to brands.

Jeff Bezos, beware: A 25-year-old software engineer is coming for your buy buttons. Last month, Daniel Luu launched Nookazon, an ecommerce store with a layout that looks a lot like its real-life counterpart.

It turns out running an ‘Amazon for Animal Crossing’ is very hard

Nookazon is named for Tom Nook, a raccoon and general-store owner who wields a near-total monopoly over the game’s banking system.

Within Animal Crossing, the only way to trade is to coordinate with friends, but Nookazon helps total strangers swap goods.

Nookazon sellers offer up coveted amber fossils, fruit-shaped dresses, regular fruit, or anthropomorphic villagers. Customers place bids either through the website or on the messaging platform Discord.

rr be home, but we’re not alone

Squadded Shopping Party is just the latest effort to connect us isolated humans through shared virtual experiences. Spotify just gave music lovers group listening controls, and film buffs have Netflix Party.

There’s even something for the nerdy teen who’d rather study than hit the mall: the silent Zoom call.

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