‘Squad shopping’ could be the next take on tech-enabled togetherness

Peer purchasing pressure is definitely a thing. Communal online shopping could be a boon to brands.

Bored quaran-teens, rejoice: The mall may be a memory of the Before Times, but a new social platform wants to bring back the time-honored tradition of shopping with your squad.

‘Squad shopping’ could be the next take on tech-enabled togetherness

Because Clothes With Friends beats Words With Friends

As Vogue Business explains, a former L’Oréal brand manager wanted to help people shop online with others in their networks.

All it takes is a browser extension: Install Squadded Shopping Party, visit a supporting brand’s online store, invite all your friends, and settle in for some retail group therapy.

If you’re wondering how a brand might benefit: Group buying is especially popular in China, and it turns out that peer purchasing pressure is definitely a thing.

People are more likely to buy something if they have a friend around to confirm that yes, those jeans make your ass look amazing.

We may be home, but we’re not alone

Squadded Shopping Party is just the latest effort to connect us isolated humans through shared virtual experiences. Spotify just gave music lovers group listening controls, and film buffs have Netflix Party.

There’s even something for the nerdy teen who’d rather study than hit the mall: the silent Zoom call.

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