Our mild encounters of the Hollywood kind

Inspired by a viral tweet, we run down our most mundane run-ins with the stars.

What’s your most mundane encounter with a celebrity? Inspired by the hilarious replies to a viral tweet this week, we decided to put the question to the Hustle crew on our Slack:

Our mild encounters of the Hollywood kind

Pro wrestler Booker T lined up behind a young Bobby in a grocery checkout line, “palming a whole gallon of milk like an apple.” Bobby recalls the exchange:

  • Me: Are you Booker T?
  • Him: Yes.
  • Me: OK.

A thief stole Steph’s stuff in an airport. While deciding what to do next, she asked a woman sitting next to her: “Oh hey, are you Ginny Weasley?” (Her real name is Bonnie Wright, and she was NOT amused.)

Trung was tongue-tied after tapping Kurt Russell on the shoulder: “He turned to me and I said: ‘Tombstone was tight!’” (Trung’s friends now use that legendary line whenever a convo turns awkward).

Zack dropped a 9-word bomb: “Saw Kanye West buying sandals at a mall once.”

Ben: “I saw Ben Stein in Palm Springs as I was running across the street to a gas station. He almost hit us with his car and he yelled out ‘Hola Caballeros!’ with a huge smile on his face.”

Cayla: “I ran into Mischa Barton in LA when I was 11 during her prime The OC days.”

Alexe got laid off from a past job and was driving home when she saw Matthew McConaughey “just walking in the middle of the street by himself.”

Becca (third from the right in the picture above) asked us to fill in the blank space and name the celeb in the photo (answer below). Becca met her the week before her first album dropped.

Scott: Scene: A Mexican restaurant, Newport Film Festival week. “Spotted Fabio at the table next to us, munching on a taco. Hair flowing in the wind.”

Kolby, super casually: “Had a drink with Hannibal Buress at SXSW last year. He said he had heard of The Hustle and was a subscriber.”

Hannibal, if you’re out there — hit reply and tell us a joke. As for the rest of you — if you wanna play along, tweet your boring encounters of the Hollywood kind to @TheHustle. Don’t be dissuaded by Becca’s brush with T-Swift.

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