Why Marriott launched a media network

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As  third-party tracking has grown more difficult (thanks, Apple), a slew of companies have entered the advertising game.

Why Marriott launched a media network

Among them — Walmart, CVS, and Macy’s  — all tout their ability to target consumers based on their own first-party data.

Now, Marriott International is doing the same, per WSJ, and there’s reason to believe the hotel juggernaut will be successful.

Marriott Media Network…

… will let brands target consumers on Marriott’s app, through TVs in its hotel rooms, and in hotel lobbies, gyms, and bars.

As a travel company, Marriott offers brands a unique value proposition: access to consumers who have specific needs, like ground transportation, restaurants, and entertainment options in the city they’re visiting.

But there’s no shortage of companies looking to become a one-stop shop for travel:

  • Google Travel combines Google Maps, Google Flights, and other tools to help users plan their next trip
  • Uber recently announced it would allow users to book planes, trains, buses, and car rentals through its app this year
  • Airbnb offers trip planning features through its Experiences tab along with a wide range of places to stay

Marriott’s biggest differentiator…

… is its rewards program, which counts 164m members and is renowned for its cultish loyalty.

The program allows Marriott to know when its members are traveling, which means brands will likely be able to target travelers before their trip, and while they’re captive in Marriott’s quarters.

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