Dick Wolf, the producer who owns prime time

With nine shows across two networks, Dick Wolf has an unprecedented grip on network TV.

While network TV has taken a backseat to streaming in recent years, one man is proving there is still money to be made.

Dick Wolf, the producer who owns prime time

In 2020, megaproducer Dick Wolf signed a five-year deal with NBCUniversal-owned Universal Television worth an estimated $1B, per The Hollywood Reporter.

If Wolf’s name doesn’t ring a bell…

… maybe his shows will. He has nine of them:

  • “Law & Order,” which is in its 21st season, and its two spinoffs — “Law & Order: SVU” (23rd season), and “Law & Order: Organized Crime” (second season)
  • “Chicago Fire,” ending its 10th season, and its two spinoffs — “Chicago P.D.” (ninth season), and “Chicago Med” (seventh season)
  • “FBI,” ending its fourth season, and its two spinoffs — “FBI: Most Wanted” (third season), and “FBI: International” (first season)

It may seem odd that the three “FBI” series air on CBS given Wolf’s contract with NBCUniversal, but the move to co-produce the franchise came out of necessity: Thanks to his six other shows, NBC didn’t have any prime-time slots left.

Within each banner…

… Wolf’s team has created interconnecting narratives, proving that Marvel isn’t the only brand building its own universe.

The result? A highly loyal audience of 10m+ viewers, including our editor Jen, who can’t get enough.

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